Allen D. Cummings
Attorney at Law
Board Certified Oil, Gas and Mineral Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization
901 South Mopac, Barton Oaks Plaza, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78746
PO Box 92541
Austin, Texas 78709

Phone or Fax: 888.832.1115



What We Do

  • Oil & Gas Title Opinions
  • Oil & Gas Transactions
  • Oil & Gas Controversies
  • Oil & Gas Mediation & Arbitration
  • Oil & Gas Financing


Who We Represent

  • Producers, large and small - onshore and offshore in all aspects of exploration, exploitation, production and operations
  • Producers, and mineral and royalty owners in settlement, mediation, arbitration and trial of oil and gas controversies
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What You Can Expect From Our Services

  • Personalized
  • Responsive
  • High Quality
  • Cost Managed
  • Answer calls personally or return promptly
  • Deliver work product when promised
  • Listen to and understand client needs
  • Know oil & gas business
  • Collaborate with client on services, strategy and goals
  • Tailor work product to client needs
  • No cost surprises
  • Use technology to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Regular status reports
  • seek client feedback
  • reasonable fees reflecting value received


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